Jumper weather

Am I the only one who is ready for some lovely cold, Christmassy snuggle weather? The weather in London at the moment is frustrating, it seems to alternate between torential rain and humidity..bah! I keep wearing my winter coat to work and by the time I've taken 3 steps I am sweating! (Nice image there). Enough of this I say, I want to wear my awesome new gloves, scarf and hat...I want to swaddle myself in layers of clothing and knitwear and boots and leg warmers and feel Christmassy!

To this end, and in the hope that the humidity and rain will soon be replaced by frost and the site of my breath as it drifts into the winter sky, I have purchased the most lovely jumper..from Cath Kidston no less...way more expensive that I can afford but with the aid of some birthday money it is mine..mwahaha. And in celebration of my new wintery addition I have put together some outfit inspiration using one of my favourite websites: Polyvore...mentioned here but a few short weeks/months ago.

I am also suddenly feeling an affinity for high heels..specifically heeled boots, although when I say high I mean only 2 inches high. You see, being of irregularly tall stature (6ft no less) I tend to stick to the safety of flats to avoid the old "She looks like a man in drag" thing but I do love heeled boots and so..what the hell! The progress is slow but I am gaining in confidence. 

Anyway, how are you feeling about the pending winter? Do you love knitwear as much as me?? How about that jumper hey?

Lexie x x x


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