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I officially have a new obsession! Oh, hello by the way! I am still alive, not writing these days but just being very dull and not finding anything to blog about. I seem to have aquired three new followers. Tres exciting! Hello and thank you for hitting that follow button!

Back to this obsession of mine. I am predisposed to obsessions, its in my nature and it doesn't take much for me to become hooked on something. New case in point, a little site called Polyvore. Oh my word! If you love fashion and love the art of ensemble building then you will looooove this site. It has a cacophony of  clothes for you to click on and assemble into a set, choose a theme and build your own magazine fashion spreads. It is perfect for creating outfit inspirations and ideas for fun or even for upcoming events and then the best bit is that you can share them, which I choose to do via Pinterest. I have been building sets of outfits that I wish I owned...or could wear without looking silly. Care you view them?

Pastels & Neutrals for any time of year.

Tres Chic, Tres Belle.

Vintage browns and floral prints for all those tea parties.

Autumn I am ready!

Ooooo they just make me want to shop and shop and shop. The site tells you exactly where each item is from should you feel the need to purchase it and boy I wish I could.

You really must go and spy for yourself the fun to be had on this site. It's addictive!!

Have a great Sunday.

Lexie x


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