Hello 27..

Hello and a happy Sunday to you all.

I am at the end of my week off work and my Sunday blues are bluer than ever before..ho hum! I am also very sad that a week of fun and festivities is over and now all that awaits me is work..oh tedious work!

Yesterday I turned 27 and for the first time ever I spent my special day with my dad and family. I do love my birthday! And it was very nice to be able to spend it with dear old papa! So, today...to try and tame those blues I was talking about, I thought I would share with you my rewards for growing another year older...

My spotty pie dish makes me want to bake everyday! I got some beautiful fat quarters from John Lewis, a trinket box, the most beautiful book about French flea markets, a gorgeous rose patterned planter (How am I supposed to wait until next Spring to use it????) and the most darling little measuring cups...look at them, so sweet! I also got a bird bath in the same pattern as the planter, a winter hat, some gloves and other bits and pieces that I can't recall at the moment. I just wanted to share the most picturesque of my treasures.

These were not my only rewards, as well as an extra hour in bed this morning I was also treated to the most sumptuous, glutinous Chinese banquet of a meal and a ring side seat to Southend's sea front fireworks from the warmth and comfort of the Chinese restaurant..completely by fluke I may add...I do love me some fire works though.

And so begins another year of my life...my 28th. I have decided that by the time of my 28th birthday I will have made some major steps towards some big changes- in my career and in my lifestyle. You heard it here first! In the meantime, I have some excellent posts coming up so I will return soon to share them.

A fond farewell to you all, enjoy that extra hour today won't you fellow Brits.

Lexie x x x


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