Tis the season Part 1: Tulle Pom Poms

Hello all,

I've come over all festive, I hope you appreciate the sparkly new decor in here. The weather hasn't shown any signs of turning snugly yet, much to my annoyance. But, weather be damned,  my Christmas prep is officially underway. I have purchased a new 7ft 6 inch (no less) Christmas tree, much less scrawny looking than my old one. I've brought some lovely components to make a wonderful Christmas garland and in two weeks time I will be able to put them all up! This year, thanks to Pinterest, I am feeling more creative than ever. I've ordered in stamps, extra supplies of ribbon and glue I am preparing for some serious Christmas crafting. I'll be making some of my own decorations, my own Christmas cards and exploring new and wonderful ways to wrap my gifts beautifully and simply, I will also be baking more than ever and altering my Christmas decor to create a more grown up, rustic Christmas home and I'm going to take you all with me if you'll come.

My 'Tis the season' series starts this very day my fine followers with the first of my home made tree decorations..

Tulle Pompoms

Inspired by this image:


When I saw these adorable little decorations I was struck by how utterly simple they looked and yet how lovely they would look on my tree. The truth is you could hang them from anywhere, attach them to ribbons and hang them in groups in your windows or over doors or just hang them from your tree where they will sit like little snow balls against the festive green.

What I used:

Tulle material, I went for some that was already glittery as I didn't want the diamante!
A small rectangle of cardboard
Thread or wire

To make my pom poms I used the basics of the above tutorial, I wrapped some lengths of the tulle around a cardboard piece that was big enough to get the pom poms to the size that I wanted...you could adjust the cardboard to make bigger or smaller poms. There really is very little room for error with these little treasures and as long as you know the basics you can soon be surrounded by tulle pom poms sparkling and shimmering at you.

The result:

And there they are. They are really very sweet! The only thing I would say is that tulle is a very course fabric so it takes some moulding to make the perfect pom pom shape.

Next time I'll show you how to make another Christmas tree decoration involving an everyday household item. You're excited aren't you?

Lexie x


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