Where there is one...

The rotten old chest that may or may not contain a body part of some kind..(I hope not)..was not the only item that I found in the thrift store today. You may remember that I posted this a while back about desperately wanting another wall dresser for my kitchen to display plates and such like, the idea soon dwindled and I satiated  my sudden need with a small herb rack that I painted and hung on the wall. It was ok, but never perfect. I hadn't bothered to look ever since but today, in the corner of the back room at that thrift store..I saw a dresser top...compact enough to fit in the car, ready to paint and just about perfect. Not only that the price was ridiculous in the very best of ways. Needless to say, I snapped it up, found a space for it and went about arranging my plates and things. I plan to paint it one of these days using my Laura Ashley sample paints, I know it'll look lovely.

What do you think?

It will look even nicer when it's newly painted and it fits so well over my table. Not too domineering and just the right size. Oh, how I love finding practical, wonderful things to prettify!

Have a lovely Saturday evening won't you!


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  1. It looks as though it was meant to go just there Lexie!! Don't you just love it when you find something perfect, that is a bargain too?

    Love the polka dot tablecloth!!

    S x


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