I see a project...

One thing I can guarantee about my working day is that I will have to walk past my two local thrift stores in the morning on my way to the tube. This is both good and bad in equal measures and has upon occasion caused great heartache. 

While passing the windows is always a delight, there are times when I see something at a great price that I simply must have but can't because the shop is closed and I need to get to work...inevitably, these items will be gone by the evening and certainly by the time the weekend finally arrives.

Worse still, are the occasions when people have left their unwanted belongings at the doors of the shop ready for it to be sold to whichever thrifty soul feels the need to take it home. This is not usually a problem, unless someone has left something that I simply must have...then comes the horrid realisation that I don't have the time to take it back home before going to work..and even worse- that it will be probably be priced at an amount far greater than I can afford and even if I could..it'll most likely be gone before I can even withdraw the cash. It hurts! 

It has only happened a few times- the last time it was a beautiful chair, left sitting outside the shop..I don't recall the specifics of it, just that it was wonderful and I wanted it. But naturally, it spent all of two days in the shop window before being sold to someone who didn't have to be at work all day every day.

Well, it happened again last Monday when I spotted a tatty old, unwanted chest leaning against the shop door at something past 7 in the morning. I so almost stopped in my tracks and dragged it all the way back home but I absolutely could not! I pined and pouted all the way to the tube. My mum had one almost identical and it brought back so many wonderful memories that I knew I needed it in my life.

The next day I spotted it in the shop and there, I hoped, it would stay until Saturday when I could get my hands on it. Well, you know what? Today, as I wondered around the shop, I found it...tucked away in a little corner looking sorry for itself and now, after paying a very small price, it is mine...and here it is..

It's a little worse for ware from being stored somewhere damp, the handles had rotted and needed removing and it needs a good clean. I plan to paint the brown parts but leave the wood as it is because I love the effect of the worn wood..wonderfully shabby.

Slightly perplexing though, the chest is locked shut and there is something clunky inside...should I be worried? I'll keep you posted on how this one turns out.

This wasn't the only project that I picked up today, stay tuned for item number two.


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