Always time for thrifting

I have one final treat to share from my time in Dorset.....(I get a bit melancholic and day dreamy every time I say that word now..sigh). Once again, while in Lyme Regis I found and Antiques and craft centre right on the sea front! I persuaded the family to let me wonder around it in case there were some treasures inside...and treasures there were.

There is always time to find mismatched plates for my collection!

A cake plate and an odd saucer that I found in a bargain box for just 50p.

Two more odd saucers from the bargain box.

Beautiful hankies for 50p each. They're so delicate and lovely. I may make some
bunting with them!

A better look at the gorgeous embroidery detail.

I could have spent hours in this shop and still not see everything it held but I sensed the parents and sibling were not too keen on waiting for me. 

With love,


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