A touch of vintage

While out and about in Dorset I spotted, as I so often do, a few eye catching shops that were too wonderful to ignore. One of them inspired me so much that I spent a good few minutes photographing it...partially for memories sake..partially to share with you all.

On a hill in the quaint little seaside town of Lyme Regis, hidden among souvenir shops, pubs and hotels I found 'A touch of vintage'. I'm not sure what struck me most- the shop sign, the awning, the window full of wonders..whichever it was the shop is really quite something. It is full, as you would imagine with the usual vintage inspired items. All beautiful but mass produced nonetheless and quite frankly available in a great many other little independent shops with quirky and delightful shop names and perfect window displays. I've seen my fair share and fallen in love with many of them. With this little shop, it was not what was inside that delighted me, in fact, I didn't even go inside. The real treasure is always the presentation of the shop..this one was a real treat.

A truly lovely shop sign. Simple, elegant...I definitely could see that
hanging in my house somewhere!

A magical display of the 'Faux vintage' trinkets on display.
I love the use of colour and texture.

The door was a wonderful, striking  creamy rose pink colour with some
really lovely ornate detailing.

If you ever find yourself in Lyme Regis (famous for its Cobb and links to Jane Austen) then pay a little trip to this little shop. It's a real trinket in itself.

Sadly, 'A touch of vintage' does not have a website for me to share but it can be found at:

51 Broad Street

With love,


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