The charms of the countryside

Good afternoon readers and a happy Sunday to you. I have a few little pieces of wonderful to share with you from my wonderful week in Dorset.

I can't say I am particularly pleased to be home but I am occupying myself with photographs and dreams of moving to the countryside sooner rather than later.

So, Dorset...the last time I was there, I was five and I remember nothing...absolutely nothing about it. This time, I remember a whole lot more. What a charming and magical place Dorset is. It has all the countryside delights that you would expect from the west country mixed with quaint and quirky seaside whimsy and some spectacular coast and scenery...It's definitely up there with my most favourite countryside locations. I thought I would share some of my most treasured finds and memories from a week very well spent...

The English countryside warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.
I am nothing if not a true country girl.

A boat passing by in Poole harbour.

I have extreme shutter envy..this house was in Lyme regis. It is so wonderfully 'French'
that it makes me want to move right in and claim squatters rights
and even more sickeningly, it is in the most quaint and perfect
river side location in the heart of the town. Jealous!

You've got to love and antique, antiques sign.

Beautiful Dorset has beautiful cottages indeed. This was in Lulworth.

More lulworth cottage love.

I just love a pretty door and that is my favourite colour!
This was in the lovely village of Cerne Abbas..

More wonderful cottages.

I saw many weird and wonderful, one of a kind shops on my adventures
and one of them in particular will be getting its own post. This one was
equally wonderful though. A bookshop full of nooks, quirks and character..
just as a bookshop should be. It was chaotic and crammed from floor to
ceiling with books across floor after floor. Around every corner and through
every door there was another room full of books..even the stairwells and hallways
were full. Just wonderful. This shop is quite intentionally similar to
Shakespeare & Co in Paris....the owner said I was the first person to ever point
that out! Call me proud!!

I love this picture. These little chickens were at our holiday cottage. By day they hold
salt and pepper..by night they pose for my pictures. Just look at those
country chic colours and the spots!

So there you have it, there are many more pictures let me tell you, but I fear you will not like to be bored with those.

Stay tuned for more Dorset whimsy and wonder.

With love,


  1. The chickens are so adorable. You can get similar shabby chic beauties here: http://www.tch.net/detail.jsp?pid=6008405&id=6009529

    Love them! But I already have about 4 sets of salt and pepper shakers, and only one dining table. Oops...

  2. Oooo how lovely, thank you Lily :)


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