Book Review: Pretty Pastel Style

These days I do very well at resisting the pull of all the most beautiful interior design books (and you know there are many). They are all so tempting with their exquisite covers hiding perfectly styled photographs of the kind of home that I and many others dream about having. There's a book for every style and preference and I could easily take them all home. I would make furniture out of them if it was justification enough.

But, every now and again a book comes along that needs no justification and Selina Lake's 'Pretty Pastel Style' is one such book.

It may be the title, it may be the front cover, it may be the colours or perhaps all of the above. Whatever it was, the book had me from the start. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but I had high expectations for this book and judge it I did.

'Pretty Pastel Style' sets itself up as a book that will show the reader how to use modern pastels in their homes. Simple. In reality, it does this and so much more. Anyone with a fondness for vintage, shabby chic and quirk will find something in the chapters of this book to inspire a home makeover be it big or small. It has plenty to swoon over, plenty to envy and plenty to copy which makes it a book that keeps on giving.

The photos seem new and unique. There was never a feeling that I had already seen the same photo or the same elements before which is rare and nothing felt reproduced. I especially enjoyed the vintage elements in the photographs and I appreciated the time that had been spent styling them.

And that's always the draw with any Selina Lake book. Her styling is impeccable. It's work like Selina's that made me want to be a stylist for so many years and 'Pretty Pastel Style' is no different with pages full of photographs so dreamy that I will return to them again and again.

The advice that accompanies the pictures is sound and practical. I had wondered exactly how much you can write about pastels but this book is not short of tips and explanations, all broken down into a pleasing number of chapters with plenty of variety. This is definitely not just a picture book but the pictures were the biggest draw for me personally.

There are so many wonderful Selina books that you could choose from and If you can, you should own them all but this one is one of my favourites and any collection is not complete without it.

It also passes the coffee table test by being pretty enough to be on display all the time. That's got to be the best kind of book.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Hi Lexie, I tried to comment before but it wouldnt let me or it didnt work or something.....I just got this book aswell, its lovely, I have way too many interiors books xx

  2. Hello Lexie

    They are such a temptation. I can sit for hours drooling over the pages and SR P also knows that when I put the book down I'm looking around to see what I can move around ,change and shift from here to there. He knows furniture will be on the move.
    I stopped buying the books it got too expensive but I manage to get in a nice magazine now and again.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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