Adventures of a homebody

Well would you look at that..it's summertime at long last.

The sun makes me a much happier person. It makes days out more fun, it makes my garden come to life and it makes me want to go on adventures.

So what have I been up to these last few months? Well not a lot really. I've been busy working and visiting my poor neglected family but I have squeezed in a few trips to pastures new (and less new) but I'll save that for later.

I have also been busy being my usual homebody self. I especially love being at home in my current home because it is the kind of home I had always dreamed of living in. This year is likely to be my last year in this flat and typically it's just starting to look the way I want it to so I'm enjoying that while I can.

Don't get me wrong, I also love spending my weekends exploring new places and recently I spent a lovely sunny Saturday surrounded by beautiful Surrey countryside. The best kind of adventure is when you stop in the middle of nowhere and go wandering and that's exactly what I did.

As much as I appreciate London, I'd rather be here any day. Forever a country girl.

While out making the most of the weather I visited the beautiful market town of Dorking which incidentally happens to have a rather large population of antique shops! One such shop is called 'Gorgeous Gertie's' a vintage emporium with strings of bunting on the shop front..how could I resist? It's beautiful inside, an old building bursting with character filled to the brim with charm and treasures. I stopped for afternoon tea in the pretty tea room which was beyond delicious.

Before perusing the upper floors and spending a small fortune on beautiful old things...oops. Do please pay them a visit if you can.

I now have enough china to open several tea rooms..so if that dream ever comes true I will be well prepared. In the meantime if anyone needs to rent a load of vintage china then let me know. (I am only partially serious)

I also recently took part in another swap, this one was an Instagram swap arranged by Lissylou called 'the kindness swap'. The premise was to make or buy 7 gifts, each one beginning with the seven letters that make up the word 'Friends'. I loved making and buying things to suit my lovely swap partner and she seemed happy with her gifts. I was utterly spoilt in return!

Just a few of the gifts I received from Emily for
the Kindness Swap

Sadly, the sun has disappeared today and it feels a bit like April all over again but the good news is I have some much needed holiday time next week and I plan to do absolutely nothing at all except lay around like a cat and perhaps do some blogging about my recent trip up north...perhaps. I wouldn't want to strain myself though.

Until then,



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  1. Ooh Lexie, your flat looks beautiful ... how can you bar to leave it?

    I'm a bit of a homebody too, but a nice day out is a lovely thing, especially visiting lovely shops like that!

    Lovely swap items, I missed that one I'm afraid ...

    Have a wonderful week and hope the sun shines on you

    Love Claire xx

  2. Hello Lexie

    From one homebody to another ... my home is my castle and all that or I could sincerely say my haven. I live in a flat too but I long for a villa by the sea....drool!!!
    Your home looks lovely I can see you have good taste. .....Another thing I'm also a country girl so visiting towns are ok and even fun for a day but living in the country is tops!!! LOL!
    Just look at that lovely photo what a great walk and then back home to everything yours

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. PS: I'm looking for a china butter dish.....never seen one over here. Perhaps you have one among your all your crockery

      A x


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