Spring Forward

I won't dwell on the weather, I won't ask if you know where Spring is because I know you don't and neither do I. I won't mention the clocks or the amount of chocolate I have eaten.

Instead I will tell you that my plans for the long Easter weekend did not work out so I have had a blissful amount of time to catch up, to organise, to take stock and to relax. I have also had some time to try and rediscover my love of photography. 

I seem to have lost my mojo, I'm not as creative or as passionate about it as I once was. I think my imagination is running dry. 

So it's not often that I get the photographic urge. But I love it when I do.

Some things are better used as props than their intended purpose don't you think?

Happy Easter everyone.


x x x

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  1. Your pictures are always beautiful Lexie, and loving your IG!

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Claire I love yours too x x x

  2. Gorgeous photos. For someone who has lost their mojo thee pictures are brillaint, they all look very professional.

    1. Too kind Gem. Hope all is well in your new home x x x


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