The wonders of 'Washi tape'

Washi tape is no new thing. It is known and loved by many craft bloggers. I stumbled upon Washi tape when I picked up some Cath Kidston tape in their winter sale last year and another pack with different patterns a few months later. Sadly, Cath Kidston no longer sell the tape (you can find some of it on Ebay/Amazon or in outlet stores though)

But since then, Washi tape and the many equivalents are appearing everywhere. Much to my delight. I have blogged about my previous Washi tape projects here and here  and the other day I popped a little photo on Instagram of my most recent Washi tape project.

The welly boot picture is a handmade greeting card that I picked
up in Norfolk. It was always destined to be framed.

It's just an old white frame covered in floral tape. Nothing too special. But people were quite taken with it. What struck me the most was that people hadn't considered using the tape in this way before. This simply cannot be. So, I thought I would share some of the potential uses of this wonderful tape invention and hopefully give you some new ideas.

The great thing about patterned tape is that it is translucent and so when it sticks to a surface you can't see the tape and instead you are left with a painted pattern effect that is quite striking.

Bring new life to cheap old frames

You can pick up old frames by the dozen at any charity shop but why just paint them when you can give them a whole new look with a pretty pattern. Press the tape on tightly so it gets into the grooves of the frame and it will look natural and lovely.

Add detailing to furniture
Chairs, door frames, cabinet edges or shelf edges. Think about it. Anything with a flat narrow edge has  potential for some patterned tape detailing. I used tape to decorate the edging of my craft cabinet shelf and I was instantly struck by the painted flower effect. It looked like I had painstakingly painted every rose petal onto the shelf. Similarly, the spice rack was painted and then every edge carefully covered with tape that had been delicately trimmed to fit and it looks lovely. I keep meaning to sell it but haven't got round to it yet.

Brighten up woodwork
Plain wood is screaming out for decoration like this. I transformed this simple ikea frame with a layered tape effect to show two lovely patterns. The wooden crate was the first item that I decorated with tape. It was one of those "I'll just try this" moments and I loved the effect...it was the idea that spawned an obsession I think.  I love the blue spotty tape but sadly is isn't available anymore. You can get a different set with a floral print and a green polka dot tape though on Ebay and Amazon.

So there you go, have a look around and see what might benefit from this simple trick. Patterned tape is available all over the place these days. I've seen it in Paperchase and Waterstones to name a few place but you can get an extensive range online. It's fiddly work but by far the easiest way to transform something with quick and effective results that I just adore. I hope you do too.

Happy taping.


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  1. Love this idea..I must get my hands on some washi tape now!
    Magie x
    PS: I really like the picture of the pink polka dot wellies with the pretty frame you did :)

    1. Awww thanks Magie. I love the picture too. It's a handmade greeting card that I picked up to frame. I love it a lot.

  2. Loving the polka dot wellies picture too! I love that cath washi tape, I have it the edge of my shelves too :) must my some more floral rolls.
    Victoria xx

  3. Hello Lexie
    I've been looking around on www for washi tape to buy here in Spain since reading this interesting post. It looks really practical and versitile and its given me quite a few ideas....bit on the expensive side here so I think I'll browse on ebay and see what prices are like there.
    I'll echo what others have said here..."love those wellies"....makes a great picture.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. I hope you manage to find some. I will keep my eye out for you Amanda :)



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