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Hello readers.

I had myself a little weekend getaway in Norfolk over the last few days, courtesy of some lovely friends. I had never been to Norfolk before and was very excited to see a new corner of the country and some new countryside. There will be a post to share some photos and the best parts of my adventure but for now I simply had to tell you about my visit to Sheringham..because I simply can't wait to share. Patience isn't my strong point.

Having never been to Norfolk, I had never been to Sheringham but on Sunday we found ourselves in the quaint little town, famed for its steam train and vintage station. Well, of all the days to pay the town a visit, we picked a good one. We landed right in the middle of the 1940's, well in the form of a forties weekend and boy was it a sight to behold.

Having never seen quite so many 1940's enthusiasts in one small area I was really quite taken by the effect and for a second or two I let myself get swept away and imagined I was in the 40's too..because my mind works like that, of course, someone carrying a great big camera would soon walk by and ruin the entire effect..(I'm ignoring the fact that I was one of those people with a big old camera). As we walked around the town and through the crowds I found myself feeling dull, modern and severely under dressed. They were everywhere, servicemen from every country, nurses, ladies, gentlemen old and very very young. Amazing really.

Well..see for yourself..

I loved these two, they looked so refined and
honestly looked like they had strolled right out
of the forties. 

I think I spent too much time looking at these two!

I didn't really get to look around the station itself, it was packed with people which made photo taking quite interesting. I just had to look over the fence from the outside like a commoner but it was wonderful all the same.

As we walked down the street a procession of service men and women passed us as all the shops played 40's wartime music..and then there was the window displays, all fitting in with the forties theme. What a great time to visit a place, that's all I can say.

Having spent the morning at a 1950's costume and textile fair I was feeling all kinds of nostalgic as you can imagine.

What an experience.

In other less interesting news, I made my first sale in my shop today!! Have you stopped by yet? Better have a look at my china before I decide I can't part with it!

With love,


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  1. Ooh I love the 40s! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Congratulations on your first sale too
    Victoria xx

  2. Congratulations on your first Etsy sale my lovely :-) Great feeling isn't it?! :-)

    LOVE the forties clothes and quite agree - that couple look so authentic!

    Jem xXx

  3. Ahhhh Sheringham...the station is gorgeous, I went there last time and loved it. Cant wait to go back..did you find any vintage treasures while you were away? Xxx

    1. I did indeed, I found a set of 6 soup bowls from an Antiques centre in Wells. Sadly nothing in Sheringham :( although there were plenty of shops to check in!


  4. This looks like lots of fun! I'd love to visit here.

    Congrats on your 1st sale. Such a great feeling!!

    Gemma xxxx

  5. What a lovely day, I would have loved that, all those gorgeous costumes to look at. Thanks for sharing your great photos, the next best thing! XX

  6. Wow it looks fabulous!! We went to a vintage event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyards on Jubilee weekend and it was really disappointing, hardly anyone in costume at all!!

    S x

  7. Congratulations for your first sale, how exciting :) Loved seeing the photos, it looked brilliant, love nostalgia. x

  8. Hello! I'm a new follower :) I absolutely adore you blog...it is so beautiful.

    This place looks like so much fun! I would very much like to visit it someday...I would have a ball there!

    Have a lovely day.


  9. love the photos, looked like a wonderful day, I wish we had this in Australia lol

    Brooke xx


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