Autumn Leaves

Well hello beautiful strangers.

I have neglected you and I'm sorry! Life got in the way again and I have had nothing to say. It seemed as if September was pulled from under me before I even had a chance to enjoy it and here we are midway through October. Where has the year gone? I find myself just two short weeks away from my birthday..oh how I love my birthday! But it blows my mind to think the end of the year will not be far behind.

It's so nice to see the leaves finally changing colour in London and falling all around me. My absolute favourite time of the year. I have mostly been trying to avoid the lurgy these last few weeks while having some fun times in between. Some family time, some time back in Cheltenham, some outings, some thrifting. Let's see shall we?

I went back to my beloved Cheltenham for the day. Had tea in the best tea room with the best of friends. Strolled through much missed streets and parks. Found a new hat and started making plans to move back there in the near future..yes indeed.

I spent a weekend recently at my dads in Essex and had the pleasure of looking after my delectable niece and nephew for the day. I love them so much I could squish them!

Of course there is always time for china hunting..and always space on my blog for tea cups! I was delighted to find a basket full of saucerless tea cups in a Cheltenham charity shop. I chose my favourites and brought them home with glee. I have also found some lovely pastel plates and utility wear bowls recently.

While I am yet to see some real autumn colour, I have been loving the changing season. I just love feeling the colder breeze, the fresher air and seeing the crisper blue autumn sky. 

I am not the type to change my home around with the seasons but I do enjoy making my home more cozy as the nights roll in. That usually means the fairy lights get switched on and maybe moved around to new locations...it also means some much needed tidying and sorting. Perhaps to de-clutter my house and my mind and make room for the excitement of my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and then...Christmas!!

And then there's these two...Buckley, the bane of my existence..a true devil cat. And my Austen..he follows me everywhere..preferring to perch up high so he's at my level...we call him shelf kitty.

And that just about brings us up to speed my dears! I am on birthday countdown..my usual crazy levels of excitement are kicking in..perhaps not just because of my birthday but because my birthday is the start of my favourite part of the year with so much to look forward to! 

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Until next time,


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  1. Loving the gorgeous thrifty finds Lexie!
    Victoria xx

  2. What a lovely blog post Lexie. Looks as though you have been busy enjoying life, I love it :) x x x x


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