Giveaway update *new prizes added*

Hi flowers,

Happy sunny Tuesday to you all.

I come baring giveaway updates. I have decided to extend the closing date by a week because I have added two extra, lovely prizes that I know you will just adore..

So now, not only can you win these:

But I have also added this:

A teeny tiny vintage shot glass. It's so cute.

And this:

A lovely embroidered Tea Towel. I brought two sets, one set was intended as a gift..turns
out they had already brought their own. Their loss is your gain!

So there you have it, some additional floral goodness for you to win if you're very lucky. To enter my giveaway you can hop on over to my original post here and have a browse through the rules and then leave me a comment either there or here.

Oh and tell your friends! If you've already taken the time to enter then I hope you like the new swag!!

With love,


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  1. Nice and nice Lexie
    I'm rubbing my hands Ha! Ha!
    What a fantastic giveaway :-)

  2. Lovely giveaway! Please may I enter, love from your latest follower, Claire xx


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