Sweet Disposition

Happy Sunday petals.

I am facing a three day week this week, not too shabby at all!

I have also had a wonderful weekend...a really, really wonderful, heart warming weekend.

I took a little trip to my beloved Cheltenham, my home from home. Cheltenham was my university town and lived there for five very formative years of my life, it is a town filled with some of the most wonderful memories of happy times, adventures, laughter and joy and every time I go back I feel a little lighter, a little happier inside.  It brings me such comfort that it always feels like I never even left, despite the two years that have passed.

My reason for returning to Cheltenham was, as it always is, to see my lovely friend L who recently celebrated her birthday. I was also very lucky to get to see my other friend S, a wonderful bonus and surprise. We 'ladies what lunched' and we (window) shopped until we dropped in the glorious sunshine (hello sunshine, don't be a stranger) and paid a mandatory visit to Cheltenham's charity shops. Cheltenham has loads of great charity shops in a small vicinity so how could I pass up the opportunity?

We lunched in my favourite tea shop- the well walk tea room, it really is an authentic, quirky, tea room. Not polished, not at all chainy. Just perfect.

I didn't have a successful charity shop haul, I have been looking for pretty dinner plates, but there were none. I did however, find some other pretties (of course).

Two pyrex bowls at just 50p each and a pair of floral pillow cases for 75p each.

I also found some beautiful, floral print tea towels in Primark of all places. Primark scares me, I try to avoid it because it is always so busy and I just don't understand some of the fashions on sale there. But, their home department has caught the floral, Cath Kidston style bug and I couldn't ignore these tea towels. I am always on the look out for pretty tea towels and these ones fit the bill quite nicely.

We finished off the day with a meal at a great turkish restaurant called 'Grille', who knew turkish food was so delicious!!!

So, it was really the most wonderful day, I can't describe how happy I felt and it's funny because I have been thinking recently about how quickly time is passing. You see, in complete contrast to yesterday, today is a very sad one year anniversary for me and my family and I just cannot begin to understand how a year has passed without me even realising! It has made me think that I need to spend more time doing the little things that make me feel great and try not to worry about the big stuff. I don't think that life should only be defined by the big things so I will continue to persue the little things that bring me true joy. Whether it be silly little teacups, days out, my beautiful friends, my new camera, counting down to my holiday or cuddles with my cat...

So tell me, what little things give you joy?

Before I go, let me remind you that I am having a first blog birthday giveaway. Thank you for the lovely comments that you have been leaving. It means a lot to have such lovely people reading and joining in. There is a week left to enter if you haven't already so get to it..oh and tell your friends too!

Until next time sweethearts,



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  1. Check out the blue skies on your drive there :)

    The tea room looks lovely, I reckon you would like the SoHo Secret Tea room in London. I have blogged about it earlier this year but it is well worth checking out if you like that sort of thing x x x x

  2. I love days like that and the tea room looks great! I missed out on those tea towels.I saw them on someone else's blog and hotfooted it down to Primark but sadly they had all been snapped up!
    Thanks for popping by and for entering my giveaway.
    Have a happy week! :0)

  3. Hello Lexie,
    Thats the first thing I dive into when I manage to get back home....a tearoom and I have toasted teacakes...yummie.
    Love charity shops too and what are called the Euro shop here....majority of the time its junk but occasionally just occasionally I find something.

    Little things that make me feel good.A new e-book on my kindle and time to read it :-)

    Have a great weekend

    Amanda :-)

  4. Thanks Ladies :). Amanda, no talk of teacakes please, I am in diet mode!



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