A project for Lexie

Hello petals.

Is anyone else as confused about what day it is as I am? Totally lost!

So I have set myself a little project, it doesn't take much for me to get carried away..I just need to see one little picture and the cogs get turning, the creativity stirs and an idea gets under my skin. I sense that some of you can relate!

I have a chest..

It has seen three different coats of paint and now it sits prettily in my living room adorned in nick nacks. Now, for 6 months it has sat in the same spot and as far as I knew...it has been locked, impossible to open. I decided last week that I wanted to try and get it open! Well, would you believe after trying to research the type of lock and how to pick it..all it took was some pressure. It wasn't locked..it's just old. So I got it open and carefully peeked inside. The inside is in a terrible state, the paper is all crispy and needs removing but it really is a lovely chest. I'll peel off the paper, I thought, and I'll paint the inside. Perfect. Easy...No.

So just when I think I've got myself a little plan, along comes Pinterest with all it's pretty pictures and rose tinted loveliness to tempt me and of course, I spotted something, a better something. A much more complicated refurbishment for my chest. Sigh, My mind runs away with my heart and suddenly I'm convinced before I've even had a chance to protest.

I have decided to wallpaper the inside of my chest. Why? Because in my mind it will looks just like this..

Image courtesy of My Vintage Party

Complete with the lovely lace trim. Sadly I couldn't find a blue paper as lovely as this one but I have settled on a pretty Cath Kidston paper instead (Got to love Ebay).

So wish me luck on my project, and do please share an advice you have if you have done something similar.

With love,


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  1. Lexie this looks like such an exciting project - let us know how well you get on!

    Jem xXx


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