Ode to mismatched china..

Oh my Gosh you guys, I'm giddier than a school girl today!

First of all Happy Easter sweet peas, I hope you're having a fabulous bank holiday weekend! I am banned from any chocolate or hot cross bun type substance so not feeling very Easter like. Second of all, I need to tell you the story of my weekend so far.

I popped on over to Wales yesterday to see my mummy who has been poorly of late. One of my mums most favourite things is boot sale-ing so off we went to one of mum's local Saturday Sales. "I'll just keep an eye out for some china" I thought, I didn't have much more than pennies in my purse and it wasn't a very big boot sale at all. Well, I was in for a shock readers because looky what I found..

Most of these beauties came from the very first stall I visited. Being so used to London prices where anything remotely 'Vintage' or 'shabby chic' is marked up beyond all reason, I expected these to be pretty pricey..I was wrong readers, I was wrong.

Austen likes them too. (The cake stand was an Ebay bargain and arrived in the post
yesterday so it also needs some attention)

The yellow tea set consists of 2 matching trios and a matching jug, it cost me £1. The mini tea cup and saucer cost me 50p and the two gorgeous pastel yellow plates were 10p each...TEN PENCE! And the other two jugs were 50p each. Now that's my kind of pricing.

 Later I found a stall selling dozens and dozens of mismatched plates, there were rows and rows of them all over the floor. I spied the pretty rose bud plates instantly and started counting my change...I ended up getting these five plates for £2! I'd be lucky to get one for that price anywhere else!

So, that's a total boot sale spend of £4.70.....what a steal!  It turns out that if you ever need bargain china pieces, head to my beloved homeland of Wales!! Now do you understand my giddiness? Well it doesn't end there...

Later, back at the house surrounded by my new treasures, my step dad casually says to me "I have a box full of old china you can have"...do you think I hesitated? The box content was mostly a no no but look what treasures I managed to unearth amongst the rejects..

All this and a 6 piece tea cup set as well.

Now this all works out quite well for me, as you can imagine, I don't have room for all these treasures but..I decided a little while ago to do a boot sale in a few weeks time, I have boxes of clothes and accessories in my loft that need to get gone so a boot sale (and some charity shop donating) seemed the best way. But, I don't just want to sell clothes and second hand nick nacks at my boot sale, oh no! I want to sell some of my handmade bits and I want to sell some of my extra mismatched china pieces. I have it all envisioned, I know how I will set it all up and what props I will use to make a truly inviting (and profitable) stall...and now I have even more mismatched china to sell to the deserving public. It will be impossible for me to part with some of these pieces but most of it will be going to someone else's loving home, although I did take plenty of pictures..

These plates are all definitely staying with me...look at those
gorgeous pastel yellow ones! 

So between the boot sale bargains, lovely freebies, the arrival of various ebay bargain china that I also brought to sell on and the fact that i don't have to go to work tomorrow, it has been a lovely, china filled, weekend . Although, the best bit by far was the mummy cuddles. Giddiness overdrive!

Lots of giddy love and china tea cups to you all,



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  1. It is so very exciting when you stumble across china that isn't stupidly priced isn't it?! Everywhere you look are expensive pieces of porcelain so it's one of the best feelings in the world when you find some true bargainous treasure :-) Well spotted hun - they are all utterly lovely! I'm very envious and think your stall will look a picture, I hope you'll post a glimpse of your merchandising :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. You know I will, thanks Jem :)


  3. Wow!!!Awesome pieces of porcelain ! I like it.you are very lucky.sell my house

  4. Hi Lexie,and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for following too!
    No wonder you are giddy..I would be too finding all that lovely china!Car boots are great aren't they? You just never know what you are going to discover.I like your plans for your sale and I hope you do really well,but make sure you keep some of that lovely china for yourself won't you? :0)

  5. Hi Lexie!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, seems like we both loved Simply Vintage! I loved the stall so much I went to visit her in Spitalfields over the weekend and purchased a few more bits!
    Your china finds are fabulous! Must head off to Wales!
    I am going to have a read through of your blog and will be following - we seem to have a lot in common :) x


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