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Do you ever get a glimpse at the inside of someone else's home and feel an inch of curiosity about the person living inside and what quirks and corners are behind the window panes? As I travel back and forth to work on the tube each day I often get a distant and brief peak through the odd window into someone else's world and of course I see the beautiful corners of peoples homes through the blogs that I read. It's always nice to see how other's organise their home and what tastes and treasures other people have.

It got me thinking about the corners of my home, the parts that I see everyday that make me smile and make me feel at home and safe, surrounded by my own treasures. They are the corners that I imagine other people would see and get to thinking about the type of person I am, why I arranged things in that way and why that particular book..where did I get that particular idea from and so on. So I snapped a few little glimpses of my favourite corners and I thought I would share them with blog land. Just because.

Do you have favourite corners of your home too? Why not take some pictures of your pretty home and share them? You can link up to this post and let everyone take a little peak inside your world.

So without further ado..

My kitchen dresser

Beautiful Brambley Hedge figurines from my childhood, sitting pretty with my china.

Beautiful china.

Craft room shelving


Dreary coat hooks dressed up with pretties

My broaches on display in a glass cake stand on my dressing table.

My prettiest books.

Hallway shelving

An original illustration by the lovely Sophie of Jeff Josephine Designs, just for me.
It is my favourite quote.

And there you have it, my most favourite corners, the bits that make me smile. Now, show me yours by posting your link below and spread the word.

With love,


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