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Happy April 1st my wonderfuls. 

Can you believe that March is over and a new month is upon us? I am starting this new month in a time of change..a very peculiar time where I am endeavoring to give up my two worst habits, which also happen to be two things that make me very happy!! Food and Spending money! Talk about hitting me where it hurts. 

So I am on a very strict eating plan for the next few weeks and on a very tight budget. It's hard readers, so very hard. But all for the good. The weight loss is going very well! I am doing Anna Richardson's Body Blitz Diet and it's a tough one but definitely rewarding! My only problem is that I am constantly craving Chinese food, not because I want it but out of habit and after 4 days without carbs, my mind is tricking me into thinking I can small chips..all the time. What I wouldn't give for a baguette right now.

Nevertheless, I am pushing forward with it and finding other things to keep me happy and entertained.

I went for a wander today, around the lovely cemetery at the bottom of my road. Weird, you might think but this cemetery is so beautifully old and enclosed it really is a great place to get some fresh air. It stretches for miles and is swaddled by trees, it's like a woodland and it's so peaceful that you can forget for a moment that you are in England's capital. Bliss. It is always at its prettiest in the spring, carpeted with daffodils, crocuses and later on, acres of bluebells under the shade of the trees. Today I was delighted by the beautiful displays of magnolia. What a lovely tree the magnolia tree is! Of course I took a few spring snaps as I wandered around..

When I came home I spent some time in my garden, enjoying the spring sights and spotting the new buds and new signs of life. Next weekend I will be going plant shopping and it will be time to get my non frost proof decorative bits and pieces out of the shed and into the light. How I have missed them! But there was one thing I couldn't wait to put out...I just hope the frost stays away!

I got this little bird bath dish for my birthday last October and it has been sitting in a cupboard ever since. Today I decided it needed to be put to use so I have perched it on top of my little side table that I picked up in a "Troc Shop" while visiting my mother in France a few years ago. The side table has been in my garden since I first moved it but has never served a real purpose (other than looking nice)...until now..

There will be no thirsty birdies in my garden this summer!

Have a happy sunny Sunday sweethearts! I'm going to hide from the chip smell!

With love,


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