All the fun of the fair..

Happy Saturday dear readers,

Are you enjoying the sunshine? I'm slightly worried that this might be the closest we get to a summer! You know what England is like!!

So the sun is shining for now atleast, that hour we have got so used to is about to be snatched away and the evenings will be lighter for longer..we've done it, another winter gone another summer to come. And what a blissful time of year this really is. I am so excited to see my garden coming back to life and I can't wait to fill it with colour!

It's not just the sunshine that put a 'Spring' in my step today (pun intended). It was time for me to visit the Country Living Spring Fair. It was my debut visit and I have to say I will be returning every year forever and ever. It was a truly wonderful day out, full of the delights of spring. Heaven in a business design centre, to put it bluntly. So many beautiful stall, and some lovely vintage bits and pieces it was like looking at all my favourite Pinterest photos in three dimensions. And I did manage to pick up a few treasures of my own too. I loved the pastel colours, the food stalls, the great variety and the atmosphere. Just lovely.

So how about some pictures my dears?

The main floor (there are three floors in total)

Beautiful dried flower bouquets

Beautiful Brocante, I wish I remembered which stall
this was.

Exquisite wreaths

I came home with some treasures, including a box of
delights from Simply Vintage Designs (my favourite stall).
I am definitely keeping that box!

My beautiful mis matched vintage china from Simply Vintage and some
artificial posies. Simply Vintage was the first stall I visited and definitely
the best!

I had to buy a dried flower bouquet!

I also managed to pick up some lovely buttons (and another peek at the
simply vintage plate)

I was very pleased with my china. Simply Vintage Designs definitely stood out for me, it was the first stall I stopped at and everything else failed to live up to it in terms of its lay out and more importantly, price. There were a lot of beautiful vintage stalls and I could have spent a lot of money, but Simply Vintage had the perfect mix of bargain and beauty! Just how I like it. Plus the ladies were simply lovely! They have their own blog so do pop along and have a look.

Now I need to rest my tired feets!

With love,




  1. Beautiful mis-matched pieces, Lexie! I often mix up my matching trios to create different colour combinations, it can look so charming and eclectic!

    Jem xXx

  2. Thank you so much for a lovely post - and i am so thrilled that you love your trio!

    much love
    Melissa xx
    Simply Vintage

  3. Wonderful site. Great ideas. I don't see any #wool sculptures. I love them.


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