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Hello petals,

Just thought I would take a break from tradition and try something new and crazy like blogging on a Tuesday night. Insane.

Have you heard the whisperings about Pinterest recently? I certainly have. We all know and love Pinterest and I for one have come to rely on it and I really enjoy pinning. Turns out, now that it's all popular and whatnot there is some uncertainty about its terms and conditions. I'm not too concerned about it all but one thing that has caught my attention is that many people are now trying to be more responsible with their sourcing to avoid any copyright infringements. Nobody wants to get sued now do we!

Pinterest is great because I can catalogue
images like this. But its important to source

So, following some excellent advice that I read here at Positively Splendid about being a superbly awesome and responsible pinner I decided to take a good look at my pins. It is scary how many of them had no original source and let me tell you it is going to be a long and arduous task to fix it. Part of me thinks I should just delete everything and start again but I.just.can't.bring.myself.to.do.it!

So I have been working through my pin boards, finding the original sources for any pictures repinned from Tumblr and Google. Luckily I pin a lot of pictures from their source websites but it's the re-pinning that's a problem, especially if you don't check for the correct source before you re-pin. Those pins can creep up on you and before you know it you have 400 of them! Not at all fun when your computer is INCREDIBLY slow  and even less so when you have to delete beautiful pictures because the source is lost in the darkest, furthest corners of the internet.

If you're planning to check through your pins then I would recommend using the new Google image feature. It's a real revelation. If you click on the little camera icon in Google images you can paste the URL of any picture and Google will tell you where that picture is featured and more than likely lead you to the elusive source. It might take a bit of detective work but as a reward it suggests even more beautiful images that are similar in style...this means for every source found I pin at least five more images! Kind of a source one get 5 free for good behaviour! Wonderful.

So now I feel like a superbly awesome pinner and I know that I can continue to enjoy Pinterest for all the joy it brings without worrying about accidently stealing someones picture and giving credit to the wrong person.

With all this in mind, I just wanted to let you in on a little secret...you can pin anything you want from me, I won't sue, I promise. If you see it, pin it and enjoy! And why not follow me on Pinterest while you're at it? And if you have a Pinterest addiction then I'd love to follow you too..if I'm not already!

So enough about that, how have you been?

Until next time,




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