Sweetpeas and Memories

Afternoon petals,

Everything good? Yes? Wonderful! Where did the weekend go?

I thought I would stop by today and share a little treat that I purchased for myself recently. Last week I spent some time hunting for new blogs to fall in love with...I tend to look at the blogs I already love and see whose blogs they read and love. It has never failed to find me some wonderful new blogs to immerse myself in. One such blog found in this way was the delightfully beautiful and superbly named Beautiful Clutter. Instantly obsessed! I just love clutter and so does Jem and she really has an eye for the most exquisite clutter!

All that aside, she posted about something so lovely that I simply had to find it and purchase it for myself...

The premise is simple, a five year memory book in the most beautiful blue colour with Gold detail. There is enough space to write brief snippets of information that you can look back on over the years. It was just what I needed.

I often feel that time is running away from me and I try to remember as much detail as possible but things get lost and overshadowed. The writer in me hates it and yet I am awful at keeping a journal! So the writer in me now gets a pretty book to document the most important parts of every day for five years! Not too much detail required, its perfect. I am looking forward to being able to look back on it over the next five years and beyond...that is what appealed to me the most.

I must thank Jem for posting about this wonderful diary! How lucky you are to have such a thoughtful friend!

For all you Spring lovers, are you excited for the clocks to come forward? The waiting is nearly over. I had a lovely reminder that spring is in the air and summer not far behind...in the form of a little guest appearance in my garden:

Do you spy the little green visitor crawling its way up my tea rose? That is a sweet pea..more specifically a sweet pea that somehow survived the great sweet pea purge of summer 2011. I thought I had pulled up all my sweet peas after a season of beautiful flowers ended abruptly in a dried up, yellowing mess of dead sweet pea plants. But, miraculously this little guy somehow made it through and here he is, making an appearance. I wasn't planning on buying any sweet peas this year but now I will at least have one token sweet pea to brighten up my little garden.

Now if that isn't a reminder that summer is coming then I don't know what is.

Now I'm going to make some welsh cakes..just because (healthy welsh cakes of course)



x x x

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  1. Lexie I'm so happy you found the diary, isn't it lovely to have such a pretty place to keep a small daily summary? If you're anything like I was when mine first arrived I'm guessing you've been making sure it's within eyeline much of the time! ;-)

    Thank you for saying such kind words about my blog - I'm glad you came along and started visiting/commenting because I found your blog as a result and I've been really enjoying your posts!

    Jem xXx


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