Happy Friday sweethearts!

How has the week treated you? Mine was perfectly fine, normal..just how we like it! Although not completely normal...Reader, today I was the happy recipient of a little Friday treat straight from New York City. Not normal at all!

Look at the beautiful patterns

So the story goes, I arranged a little craft exchange with the delightfully wonderful Julie from Julie Rose Sews (do please have a wonder around her blog and etsy shop won't you) and today was THE day that the waiting came to an end...my turn to receive my treasures. I am terribly ashamed to admit that I am yet to post my package..time just seems to trickle away from me! Tomorrow Julie, Tomorrow..I promise wholeheartedly!

When my colleague phoned me to say the package had arrived I leaped from my seat and headed straight to her floor and there it was, my name all resplendent surrounded by patterns and a New York City postage label. To the coat cupboard it went to wait for the time when I could go home and peek inside. Do you know how hard it is to know you have a package full of delights waiting in the cupboard to be opened..now imagine how hard it is for an impatient like me! Actual torture! Well the time did eventually come my friends..and oh the excitement..

Do you want to see my treasures? I am one lucky craft swapper that's for sure..

First of all, sparkly tissue paper?!?!?! I am obsessed!

Julie's beautiful creations, what a talent! I had been secretly
hoping for a tea cosy! The hairclips..the tiny mini bunting!
I adore!

You're so welcome!

It's so tiny!

It's me! I adore these 3d letters, beautiful crafted to spell
out my name is handwriting! 

I am so very thrilled with my exchange goodies and Julie I have to say a big, sparkly thank you for just being so wonderful! Your package is packed and ready to go tomorrow and I hope it makes you as happy as yours made me!

Have a lovely Saturday poppets!


x x x


  1. I won Julie Roses giveaway and received my goodies yesterday! Beautiful :) Will post photos soon xx

  2. What a beautiful parcel of handmade loveliness! Everything is so pretty and great presentation too - it's such a special feeling when things are so gorgeously wrapped. The glittery tissue paper is epic :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S There is a giveaway on my blog you may be interested in, a chance to win something vintage from my Etsy shop!

  3. Aw, Lexie! You are the sweetest. I'm so glad your package made it to you, and that you like your goodies! Yay! It was so much fun crafting for you.

    xoxoxo Julie

  4. Oh, and thank you so much, Victoria and Jem, for your sweet words! When I saw the glittery tissue paper I knew I had to get it for such lovely ladies.

    xo Julie


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