Reader, I survived the week...the one I was dreading. It was a test of endurance but I survived it somehow. I fear this week is going to be another test but lets hope it's a little kinder to me and won't get me down quite so much.

I've been feeling a tickle of spring in the air and doesn't it feel great? A hint of a spring breeze, the peek of a new spring bud. Very exciting. I've spent my lovely long weekend in preparation for Springs arrival and as always my camera wasn't far. It is good to share in blog land, after all.

I painted and decorated some plastic eggs with pale blue paint and
patterned tape (remember how I told you how wonderful this stuff

Now I have a lovely spring table in my living room.

I also made myself a little herb garden, I'm doing more and more cooking from scratch and I decided that fresh herbs were a necessity, plus it gave me an excuse to plant things, which I love doing and I'm far too impatient to wait for all the Spring/Summer plants to come out! I have already had compliments on my selection of herbs and the way they look all planted together in my wooden crate so call me pleased!

Herb garden complete with labels.

Now, choosing herbs is a tricky business you know, my final selection mixes colour with aroma and practicality..there's no point planting anything that you won't be using now is there but no point planting something that isn't pleasing to the eye..or nose.  I chose Oregano, Purple sage, lemon thyme, Foxley thyme and Grapefruit mint. The lemon thyme and grapefruit mint both smell delightful and the purple sage and foxley thyme are both lovely to look at.

Oregano, Purple Sage, Grapefruit mint.

Foxley thyme and Lemon thyme.

I am very much looking forward to trying the herbs out and I will report back with some wonderful recipe ideas for you all to enjoy.

I also had the pleasure this weekend, of spending an evening at Alexandra Palace with the amazing Florence & the Machine. I have loved Florence and her band since her very first single so it was a really very special evening for me. You know when you just adore a song so much that hearing it live and loud is truly wonderful? Well that's how it was for me, except I love most of the songs so that's a whole lot of wonderful for one evening!  If you're a fan and you ever get the chance to see her live then you simply must go!

Lots of love to you all,



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