Shop heaven: Sass & Belle

You haven't got rid of me just yet! I have just one more offering for today.

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and thought "what this room really needs is some miniature bunting...where on earth can I get that from"...no, me neither. Well, there is a shop in the Piccadilly/Covent Garden area of London that is on hand in case you ever do get that sudden strike of realisation.

I stumbled upon Sass & Belle one afternoon while on my lunch break, I was working in the Holborn area at the time and had strolled to Covent Garden where it is always fun to people watch and soak up the bustling London atmosphere. What I found then, was a shop full of colour and wonder calling to me from the narrow street outside it was full of trinkets and soft furnishings screaming "look at me, I am the epitome of  shabby chic prettiness" but there is a difference about this little shop. Yes, it's true, some of the items are factory made replicas and have been spotted before in other indie shops but in Sass & Belle there is also a sense of the handmade. I hadn't seen some of the products before, ever and if they were mass produced they certainly did not look it. Very refreshing!

No matter the stock, or its origins, the shop was, and still is gorgeous and I was reminded all over again when I stumbled across the very same shop only one week ago. This time, it was full...completely full, of tourists star struck by the pretty, polka dotty, painted glory . I can't blame them, it is a site to behold with so many things hanging, adorning and sitting pretty across every inch of the shop.

This time, I hardly made it beyond the door, but it turned out that was as far as I needed to go because there by the front door was their new ribbon selection and...miniature bunting! Happy girl! Who knew mini bunting could be so lovely, I had to have it. I still don't know why I need it, but it was dirt cheap and looks pretty cool hanging in my craft room and of course, there is always a need to build up my ribbon stash!

So today, I am sharing with you this little find..they do have their own website so their stock can be enjoyed by the masses as intended. I would like to do my part by sharing this lovely little indie shop with you all and I do encourage you to have a little look if you can! Perhaps you will find a need for some mini bunting in your life as well...it does look rather cute doesn't it?

Have a super Sunday folks, fingers crossed I make it to next weekend (See last post)



  1. Hi Lexie! I was sent to your lovely blog from Victoria and it's so cute! I just read theough your posts and I LOVE your shelves/cabinet type thing! I wish I had one of them in my bedroom!
    Oh and I followed!


  2. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and following :)

    Lexie x


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