The story of a weekend..

Hi you!

Here I am again, another Sunday afternoon blog post. I do mean to post these things more frequently but life and laziness seem to get in the way sometimes.

So what have I been up to of late? Well I'll tell you, but who needs words when pictures tell the story just as well..

I baked..

Thursday was St Davids day so I baked my first ever batch of welsh cakes in an effort to feel a little more welsh for a day. Sadly, living in England means there is little opportunity to acknowledge my Welsh history, but welsh cakes seem to do the trick for a short while at least. If you've never had a welsh cake they are essentially just flat scones but they are rather delicious, especially with some butter! You can try the recipe I followed to see how easy they are to make.

I painted:

I turned an old tallboy chest of drawers from a shade of factory varnish to Annie Sloan cream and gave it some new knobs to boot. I won't show you any more of it because it is currently missing some knobs and one does not like to reveal an incomplete project!

I gardened:


In the little moments of spring sunshine we have been experiencing I have been taking the time to tidy up my garden bit by bit. Yesterday I planted some gladioli bulbs in an effort to capture the elusive concept of "height" and "interest" in my garden as exemplified by the above picture of someone else's lovely garden. Those buzz words are commonly used when discussing the perfect cottage garden so this year I am filling in my gaps with glorious gladioli to make my borders that little bit more interesting.

And that is about it for me, next week is going to be a long, horrid on...I can feel it. I have never dreaded a week so much in my life. I will be very happy to see Thursday evening come around, let me tell you! Friday is Florence & the machine day and a well deserved day off work so that will be my reward and my motivation!

In the mean time, I NEED to tell you about one of my favorite shops..so I will, today, I promise!




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