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A good evening to you all..

How goes your week so far? I've been so busy being busy that I forgot to stop by and tell you how busy I was last week. In fact, I am almost completely sure I have never been so productive. Last week marked my official induction into the Annie Sloan paint club, with a new wooden TV stand waiting to be painted I knew I wanted a really good paint finish so why the hell not hey?

I gave it a go, and while I do think the paint is good...I am not and therefore I probably did not use it to its full potential, at first it went on too thin and then a second layer made it far too thick...by the time I came to painting my second piece I managed a little better but I am still no Annie Sloan aficionado...

I also took some of the new paint to an old thrift store chest that I picked up a fair while ago..when I got it, it was in a dire state and since then I have painted it three times. Now that it is all painted in Annie Sloan cream I like it a lot more than I did...although, I remain unconvinced..I'm thinking a layer of the dark wax might break up some of the brightness? 

Painting wasn't my only endeavor these past days, I also fought and won a war against my bathroom limescale. Did you know my lovelies that white vinegar is an absolute miracle. You need never buy any kind of limescale remover again. Vinegar is the way forward..but enough of that.

I also found a superb bread recipe and officially baked my first loaf of bread!! I am officially on the way to being the cottage dwelling, jam and bread making queen that I always wished I could be...without the cottage..or the jam! One step at a time folks! Trust that I will be posting the bread recipe very soon..it is, honest to blog, the easiest recipe I have seen.

Now I must away my petals, did you know that this Saturday it will be time to go and see 'All New People' in the westend...it seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about it being one of my highlights of 2012 and now the time has come..the rest of the year is sure to follow behind just as quickly...now there's a thought.

Sweet dreams readers,



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  1. Your newly painted pieces look beautiful! And making jam is sooo easy, so I'm sure learning to add it to your homemade bread will take you no time (and be absolutely delicious!).

    xo Julie


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