Valentines or something...

I hear its valentines day today, being perpetually single I have very little time for it, I am of the belief that everyday is a day to show your love for your partner..or at least I like to think that's what I would do if I wasn't too busy enjoying my single life.

This year I decided to show my love for my beautiful wonderful friendlies and I made them all a little something with a valentines theme, simply because I really love making things for my most favourite people!

I call these 'love on a stick'...because that's essentially what they are. I chose two different fabrics and cut hearts using a cookie cutter, sewed the little hearts together and filled with wadding. I used BBQ skewers for the sticks and pierced them through the fabric before adding skinny ribbon bows...polka dotty of course.

I completed the look with beautiful labels from Lovemae, cut with pinking sheers and stuck either side of the skewers. These labels are actually for tea bag favours but I think they work just as well as gift tags!

These lovely hearts were inspired by Cherry Menlove who made some of her own that far surpass mine in both beauty and skill! Although, I am very happy with how these turned out and I really enjoyed working on them.

Well now, I am going to retire, I am unfortunately very deathly ill (again). Quite why I need to have two colds in two months is beyond me. I have had my fair share, it's someone else's turn now!

With love,



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