for the love of bread..

Yesterday I mentioned that I had baked my first loaf of bread (applause please). I was and am very proud of this fact, even more so that it was edible...and even better..pretty damn tasty! Win. I thought I would share the recipe that I found, as it really does make the most perfect bread for toasting.

English muffin bread is definitely doing the rounds on Pinterest right now but I have to say I think I stumbled upon the best of all the muffin bread recipes I have seen on the Pinterest popular page of late.

Ladies and gentelmen...English muffin bread...

This wonderous recipe comes courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee and it must be tried! If I can do it, anyone can...and it is pure perfection all smoothered in hot drippy margerine with melty marmite..mmmmm..I could absolutely live on this stuff!

Happy baking bread makers!




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