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Happy Saturday, wonderful readers!

I would like to tell you the story of a craft room if you will permit me? It all started with a Parisian inspired cabinet, painted in delicious smoky grey with lace detailing and an ornate handle. This heavenly cabinet was gifted to me by one of best friends as a belated birthday present...I do love a belated birthday present and especially this one. It really is the most wonderful cabinet!

But with it came a quandary, where oh where could I hang it? It looked as though it was made to be filled with sewing trinkets, bobbins, threads, needles and thimbles...but alas, I have no where to hang such a craft cabinet. No craft space to call my own. How about the bathroom? It would look lovely filled with soaps...but alas, I already have all the storage and decorative items that I need in my bathroom. But with no room in my bedroom or lounge either and no obvious use for it I was thinking that the bathroom was where it should live. it sort of made sense. But this would be far too simple! I am a girl who likes to act on impulse...sometimes! And so, I decided that what this cabinet really needed was a craft room in which to hang and look pretty, surrounded by lovely crafty things.

I have been building up to creating a designated craft space, I started with a craft shelf and then a couple of craft shelves and then a whole craft cupboard and now, with more craft equipment than I can possibly fit into one cupboard, it was time to expand and move some of my sewing equipment into half of what was my housemates book room/computer room/cats bathroom/guest bedroom..and here are the results! (apologies for the bad pictures, my camera is on the way out)

There wasn't much that I could do to alter the space but I managed to convince my housemate to move the computer that she never ever uses, up to her room so that I could use the desk for my sewing machine and I had a sort out to get rid of all my redundant belongings that used to sit on any available space in this room. So refreshing! And what craft room isn't complete without bunting and fairy lights?

A basket of fabric and a space for my wrapping papers and wall papers.

Beautiful fat quarters, waiting for a shelf of their very own...I am hoping to find a dresser top to hang on the empty wall for my ribbons, buttons and fabric.

Lovely sewing books to keep me busy, I have gathered quite a collection.

And there it is folks, the cabinet that built a craft room..sort of! 

I could stare at it all day!

And of course, the mandatory comfy space. An old chair now covered by one of many quilts given to me by my mother...she has a slight obsession with collecting them and I can't say I'm complaining!

I was so thrilled with my efforts that I made a new cushion for my chair..but something tells me I will not be getting much use out of this chair...

 No sooner than I had slid it into its new home, all draped in patchwork finery, my cat Austen took his place...funny that he hasn't wanted to sleep in this chair for months, ignoring it for other chairs or floors or tables but now, now its all new and interesting!! I suppose I can forgive my pretty kitty...after all I have taken over their bathroom and forced them to share it with my sewing machine!

So there it is, my craft room/my housemates book room/my cats bathroom! I am so happy with it, and my clear out has given me a bit of clarity. It's funny how cluttered cupboards and spare rooms can clutter your mind without you even realising! It's a good thing I don't pay too much attention to my cluttered attic or garden shed then I suppose...that's a job for another Saturday.

In other news, my charity shop trip was a bust! Maybe next time..!

What do your craft rooms look like? How about you post about your craft space and send me a little link??

With love,


x x x

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  1. I'd love to have a craft room! That chair is very pretty, I have some fabric in the same print as that cushion I do believe. Did you make the 'love' cushion? It's lovely x


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