Ice baby

Hello all,

I trust you are all well? I have had one of those frustrating days- I was supposed to be working on a project that I had put off for a while but my printer has decided it does not like its ink..(weird) and is printing everything in bizarre colours! Frustrating, let me tell you. But that is not what I came here to do today.

Were you as happy to see the cold weather as I was? I resent not being able to wrap up all warm and cozy like in January, frosty mornings and layers of woolen clothing are the best parts of the winter for me so I was pleased to see a return to some proper winter weather. I mean, daffodils in January? Strange! So, the first frost of 2012 meant I finally got to take some frosty pictures and that's exactly what I did...

There is something quite magical about a winter frost, my child like side always thinks it always looks like a dusting of glitter and icing sugar...

Have a lovely Sunday evening my dears, I'm off to have myself a little tea cake while writing a letter to go with a gift I have made for a friend...yes, there is someone in the world that still sends handwritten letters!

Lexie x x x


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