Tis the season part 5: Creating the Christmas look

Hello again.

The time has finally arrived for me to share my festive decorations and I am more than a little excited because I am so happy with my Christmas home! I've been spying and drooling over all the pictures from my favourite bloggers showing their lovely Christmas decor and now it is my turn.

This year I decided it was time for a change, I wanted a Christmas decor that was classy and sophisticated, that reflected my taste and my age and finally, after many years of failing to get the mix quite right- always over doing on something or just mixing too many things that just didn't work together- finally, this year I have a house to be proud of..it's very me but more refined, very traditional and very classy.

I went looking for an image on Pinterest that encapsulated everything that I was trying to create- this is where Pinterest really comes into its own- finding a picture that matched the one in my mind was tricky, in fact I ended up with a lot of different pictures that sort of, maybe, kind of got the right idea...I ended up with these:


I wanted green foliage, frosty hues and delicate creams. I also wanted splashes of red, whitewashed wicker and rustic decorations that would look perfect in any country cottage.

The result? I sort of achieved it, I certainly got my creams and my foliage, I got the wicker and the reds and overall I am thrilled. However, budget was an issue (isn't it always) and I had to make a few compromises along the way when I just couldn't find what I was looking for.

So, without further a do, I give you my Christmas home:

My huge tree is lovely and carries my many ornaments very well.
I have been tweaking the decorations all the time and I'm
not sure I will ever be happy with them!

My fire place is decorated with artificial ivy, berries and pine cones as well as candles and
berry fairy lights. Wicker ornaments hang from the mantel and jars and candles line the base.

I printed some wonderful sheet music for some Christmas
carols and framed them. They create a vintage, traditional feel.
You can get these for your own home here

One of my favourite baubles.

Emma Bridgewater Christmas bunting from ebay. 

This is one of the baubles that I my friend purchased for me
from Aubrey Garner's stall at the Osterley Craft fair. I have three of them hanging in
a row above a window!

So there you have it! I also have a real wreath scattered with cinnamon and berries hanging in my kitchen along with my mum's old ornate gold tree ornaments hanging from the kitchen fire place. The place is also scattered with Welsh holly that I picked up from a market when I went home to Wales over the weekend. And then there's the fairy lights! I suppose some things will never change!!

I hope you are having fun with your decorations, I'd love to see them!!

Until then, lots of festive love.




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