Tis the season part 4: Wrapping to impress

Well hello, how are you all doing on this blustery Tuesday?

The time has finally come for me to share with you my Christmas wrapping inspiration.

Now, let me tell you I have very limited skill when it comes to wrapping gifts, in fact I have always rather disliked it. I love the result but hate having to do it. This year I was looking forward to it though. I was desperate for a rustic, simple theme with lovely Christmas ribbons as an accent.

And so, inspired by these lovely images that encapsulated everything I was looking for:


I loaded myself up with reels of red gingham ribbon, a roll of standard brown paper from a post office, some brown paper lunch bags from ebay (Thank God for Ebay) and some brown card gift tags as well as some free printable tags I had printed earlier in the year.

The effect is rustic simplicity with a splash of festive colour and I am really pleased with how my gifts have turned out.

These paper lunch bags are so easy to make and perfect for smaller gifts.
Pair with some pretty ribbon and a tag to create the look. I love it!

I'm completely sold on gingham ribbon. It's lovely!

And there you have it. For someone who normally hates wrapping I have found a new appreciation for the art and I really think brown paper is the way forward. Understated and easily customisable, it's cheap to buy and you get yards of the stuff on one roll! Although I did wrap all my nieces and nephew's gifts in some beautiful bird print paper that I picked up in January for 75% off!

So if you're a lover of all things rustic chic and you have yet to wrap all your festive treats then why not try brown paper and let me know how you get on.

I'll be posting my penultimate installment of the 'Tis the season' series later today. Stay on the edges of your seat won't you?

Happy wrapping,




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