Good evening all,

I hope this finds you well, somewhere quiet and free from riots! Today has been a strange day here in London, it really is the most surreal place to be right now!

Nevertheless I am distracting myself with better brighter things, today much of the town where I work was evacuated and my office closed for the day at 2pm as a precaution so I've had some free time today. On my way home I relished the fact the it was early enough for the thrift stores to still be open and popped inside the best one where I found a tub full of little bags of buttons (Oh but to have 10 minutes alone and room to empty the whole bucket of buttons on to the floor so that I could find the best ones) and another beautiful cake plate to add to my collection.

I also took some time to photograph that old wardrobe that has now been painted and de-uglied! Care to take a little look? No looting it though please!

Shabby and lovely

Love this colour

Home made garland to add some colour

Voila! It's still very art deco in shape and style (yuck) but at least it is no
longer mahogany!

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