A long weekend

There is nothing quite like a bank holiday to heighten productivity and mine has certainly been fruitful. I cooked using my new food processor, did you know that I never need to chop anything ever again? How did I cope before this? I also got a little paint happy and although I have a million more things to paint I made a good start. I also, as mentioned before, visited my first boot sale since I moved to London (That's 18 months without boot saling folks) I have been surviving on thrift stores, ebay and the odd visit to Portobello market but I was very pleased to find this bootsale, even if we did turn up late and didn't really find anything.

I thought I would share my weekend in pictures:

Pretty vintage crockery to add to my collection

My bedside footstool table, freshly painted in 'Morris Blue' from Craig & Rose's
'1829' collection- it features the most wonderful vintage colours.

I made a banoffee pie using my new food processor. It was a win!

I finally painted my plain oak dining room chairs in the most wonderful
shade of country grey- 'Moonstone grey' from the '1829' range by Craig & Rose

Before you say anything, I have now fixed the spot that I missed.
Just look at the wonderful colour.

So as bank holidays go, mine has been lovely and I hope yours has too. I'm half tempted to carry on painting today but I also think I might write some more.

Until next time x

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  1. Hello Lexie,just chanced upon your blog.I DO LOVE anything with roses on.Your list of likes matches a fair few of the things I like!!Your little knitted circles are lovely.Kind Regards Pam.


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