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Hello all,

Writing is still occupying my mind and I am enjoying every second but I thought I would make time to stop by and share some wonderfuls from my weekend.

We paid a visit to the Live Craft fair in Great Missendon yesterday just as a spur of the moment kind of thing. It was fairly small and while many of the crafts on display were wonderful, they were not really my kind of area. There was very little in the way of needlework or textiles. However, plenty of wood turners and one in particular that had a lovely mix of handmade wooden furniture and antiques on display. I snapped some lovely pieces for inspiration and thought I would share:

This dresser was the nicest shade of country green and the fabric was just perfect.
This is actually a similar look to one that I hoped to achieve with a piece of my own furniture
and seeing this piece convinced me that I needed to get on with it soon (Funnily enough
I planned to use a similar shade of green too...more on that later)

This chair was decorated with the nicest print, so eye catching I
had to capture it.

Aren't they lovely pieces? And such a wonderful talent too.

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  1. Hi again Lexie,

    See, I am stalking you!!! And do you blame me? Your blog is so lovely and welcoming! I really like the things you share.



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