Who wants free things? (CLOSED)

Oh yes I am. I've been meaning to give away some lovely homemade goodies for quite some time and I have finally got around to making something lovely enough to give away.

If you love Cath Kidston, homemade treasures and pretty little trinkets then you need to enter my giveaway right this instant.

One lucky winner will receive a keyring made by Lexie (That's me you know) personalised with your initial (in cross stitch) and finished off with the Cath Kidston pattern of your own choosing.

I have six adorable Cath Kidston prints for you to choose from, if you can even choose!

Not only that but the lucky winner will also get a secret surprise homemade little pretty as well! 

Two runners up will receive the same surprise gift and believe me they really are very pretty!

So if you're interested in my little prize simply leave a comment under this post and tell me your name. You can say hello too if you like!

If you know anyone who is a Cath Kidston devotee then why not enter for them as well?

Spread the word and get commenting and I'll select the winner at random as soon as there are enough entries to make it fair...(more than one would be good).

Remember to check back in a week or so to see if you are the lucky one!

Update: I can't reply to all your lovely lovely comments because I'll mess up the number system but thank you so much for your wonderfully kind words! 


  1. Hi I'm Kate! I love Cath Kidston! and your blog :)

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog and absolutely love it! I am completely obsessed with Cath Kidston and love french shabby chic stuff. I would really love to win something :)

  3. Hello Lexi.
    I simply adore Cath Kidston and your tumblog. I would love to be part of your giveaway! :)

  4. Well I need a keychain! This is actually true. My keychain was a bright orange rubber stopper thing my husband gave me so I wouldn't spend so much time digging about in my pocketbook looking for my car keys. The rubber split down the middle.
    Now I am using a yellow cotton face mask (don't ask. I'm a nurse, we have these things) for a key chain. It is sad. I certainly need this beautiful keychain more than anyone else in the whole world.
    cheri (enchantedengland.tumblr.com)

  5. How is it you find things so pretty?

  6. hello, my name is Anthea, and i would love to win the lovely keychain! it's so pretty! Flowers' my favourite! polka dots are so cute too!

  7. That's so nice of you to hold a giveaway!
    Cath Kidston designs are so lovely, aren't they~

  8. Hi there, just spotted your giveaway on Tumblr after searching CK! Love your pages, please enter me in this giveaway :) xx

    Victoria Jane

  9. Love what you're doing. My best friend loves Cath Kidston and would love the chance to win a keyring for her.

  10. Mary had a little lamb.......5 June 2011 at 15:09

    Hello Lexie, what a beautiful blog, so very tastefully put together as I'm sure the key chains are too. Please may I enter into the giveaway.

    Very best wishes

  11. Hi Lexie -
    I would love to be included in your give-away!! I love Kath Kidston and I also LOVE your blog!! You are very talented and I hope to see much more from you!! :)
    Samantha Jenkins of We Love Cake

  12. I just came across your blog and I am smitten! Thank you for hosting such a delightful giveaway! :)

  13. Hi, my name's Kezia.
    I absolutely love the prints! Soooo pretty! Plus, I'm a sucker for polka dots and flowers, which is why I love Cath Kidston...Love following you on tumblr too!


  14. hi! I love your blog, and I love Cath Kidston... so I couldn't resist! thanks so much for doing such a sweet giveaway! (I'm doing one until Wednesday over on my blog for some lovelies from my etsy shop, if you'd like the change to receive as well as give!)

    have a lovely monday!

  15. LOVES the prints. please enter me into the giveaway. - D

  16. Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for notifying me about your giveaway (: I absolutely adore all things Cath Kidston and of course, you! Oh, by the way, this is Katlin from {nottiantiquata} I hope you have a lovely day/night, dear! <3

  17. Yes please Lexi! I'm only slightly Cath Kidston obsessed and Chris won't let me buy anymore Cath handbags, which makes me a sad panda :(

    Hope your well, and I love the blog btw!

    Sammie :)

  18. I waaaaaaant it! I love Cath Kidston but it's hard to find it here :( --Eka Laveda

  19. Hello, I'm lydia I just found this lovely blog/giveaway

    I adore the prints !

  20. Those are adorable! I love the patterns!

  21. Hi, I've just found your blog through Tumblr. I make things from Cath Kidston fabrics too. Mainly iphone cases and kindle cases. I love your giveaway prizes gorgeous.

  22. Hello there! I absolutely adore your blog and your tumblr they're beautiful. I'd like to enter this give away for myself and a separate entry for my good friend, Lena.
    If I win (on Lena's behalf), I'd like to give the keyring to her as a birthday present, considering she's a great Cath Kidston fan (as am I).
    Best of luck to everybody else! :')


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