Feeding the birds

You may remember that I posted earlier in the week promising to try out a recipe for some birdie treats, well, true to my word I gave it a go and the results were....interesting:

The ingredients are basic and the recipe very simple, you just need to mix flour, water, gelatin and syrup with bird seed and voila....you end up with a mulch of birdie goodness ready to shape.

Then comes the fun. To make the perfect bird seed puddings you need cookie cutters- preferably hearts and circles and of a good size. I made the mistake of ordering heart shaped cookie cutters on ebay and not checking the size...needless to say I couldn't make my heart shaped birdie treats because if I had they would have been tiny!

So, without a circular cookie cutter I used one of my large bangle bracelets...it did the trick!

It all seemed to be going well until some of my little puddings started to fall apart...I'm thinking I did my usual trick of a little too much of one thing..or maybe not enough of another.

I left the puddings to dry (and crumble some more) in a cool room out of reach from troublesome cats and 16 or so hours later I have ended up with little birdie cakes.

Definitely rough around the edges and not at all perfect, I'm hoping the birdies will like them anyway..sadly the mini heart ones are a total waste of space but edible nonetheless!

Although I'm convinced they will quickly return to their mulchy, sticky origins as soon as it rains I think the birds will enjoy them and it is definitely more cost effective than buying lots of bird food.

I'll let you know what the birds think.

If you would like to give this eco friendly, bird feed idea a go then you can get all the details right here.

Update: I was right about the rain!


  1. I managed to buy some heart shaped cookie cutters from tesco's for £1. It was a pack of 6 and they range from teeny tiny ones (so cute) to a large one... may be worth looking there to see if you can grab one!

    Sammie :)


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