This little Sunday project is so quick and simple that anyone could do it. It comes courtesy of some random channel 4 television show that I caught 2 seconds of about a month ago, it turned out to be a useful 2 seconds.

All you need is one of those biscuit/treat tubs from Tesco/M&S/Other places and some pretty wrapping paper:

I managed to nab this tub from work ages ago for this exact purpose but you can get them very easily...you may have to eat through all the calories they contain though before you can get crafting. If you don't have access to this exact tub then any round, plastic tub will do the trick.
My paper of choice is a pretty spotty, rose print design which could almost have been made just for me, it's perfect. This paper was one of the printable wrapping papers that I featured here. You can also use wrapping paper if you have some pretty offcuts lying around.

The rest is very simple, smother the tub in crafting glue and apply strips of the paper. You could try to add it in one layer rather than strips but I found it impossible to cut the paper in the right way so I chose the easier option. To make sure the paper is in the right shape along the bottom of the tub, fold the bottom of the paper inwards and press it against the edge of the tubs bottom, this will leave a line along the paper that you can cut along giving you the exact shape you need.

If you're using paper rather than wrapping paper then be warned the paper will crease a little from the dampness of the glue, try not to use too much glue but if you do the creases should disappear when the glue/paper dries out.

Once you have patiently covered the tub with your paper you will be left with a pretty little container for your desk/craft room/bathroom...whatever, wherever..

My little rose covered tub is now full of all my bulky loose craft equipment on my craft shelves...and I'm very very proud of it.

Happy crafting!


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