Thrifty Bliss..

Every now and again I make time to hunt through some charity shops for some thrifty finds. Since moving to London I haven't been able to do it so often (My choice of thrift shops is pretty dismal) but I still venture out every once in a while. This sunny Saturday was one of those days and as usual I found some little pieces of wonderful to brighten my home and my weekend.

Mismatched plates are my go-to thrift store item, I always find
at least one and they are always very pretty.
These little beauties are my newest addition.

Tins are another little love of mine, although thankfully I don't have many!
This one is my favourite colour, it's spotty and it says cute things
about happiness so it needed to come home with me.

This pink spotty plate is supposed to be part of one of those cute
vintage inspired cake stands but sadly the middle metal pole is missing.
This, and the smaller top plate were sitting all sad and unwanted on the shelf,
practically useless because of the silly holes in the middle of each plate where
the pole should be. I considered the pair, decided that I had no use for
holey platesno matter how spotty and walked away. Then I remembered my mothers old mantra
from my childhood. If it's no use in the house, use it in the garden! So I have, and they are
just perfect for my little garden!

And thats it for this thrifty adventure, nothing too spectacular but perfect nonetheless!


  1. I adore a thrift shop! I regret your choices are poor. We have quite a few thrift shops, and one is so good no one who goes there speaks of it to anyone else in the city. We want it for ourselves!! I think half the allure of the thrift shop is the Hunt for Buried Treasure.....
    I have found incredible bargains at our best thrift store, but last week the coup de resistance was a king size mattress and box spring, still in the plastic covers with tags, excellent brand, for 75$- less than a TENTH of the 1100$ manufacturers price. If you don't visit thrift stores, you certainly should!!


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