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I always think that home design is 90% creativity and improvisation and 10% personal taste. I bare this in mind when I'm trying to come up with ingenious ways of displaying pretty things. Yesterday I took my first pick of sweetpeas from my little wannabe cottage garden. This is exciting because I am a little country gardener, jam making, flower loving loser dressed as a worker type and living in a city suburb!

I don't know about you but in the past I have used a variety of household items as vases..because sometimes the flowers just don't sit right in that pretty spotty jug that is just perfect for floral displays. I've used glasses of differing kinds and designs, tins and tea cups. Let me tell you, they all make great vases.

Today, I used a jam jar...because, why not? It was just perfect for the top heavy, wire like, skinny stems of the sweetpeas and it looks very country...which fills the 10% personal taste quota that I mentioned earlier very well!!

Also, if you've never grown sweetpeas then you must...they smell so sweet and the colours are so pretty! They just need something to support them as they climb...or even better something from them to climb up (Trellis, wire or a sweetpea teepee thing) and a whole lot of water!


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