A postcard from me to you..

Happy Sunday folks!

I have a little weekend project for those of you who are feeling productive and have some digital editing software to hand.

I was recently inspired by a blog post about displaying your favourite cards and vintage envelopes on a ribbon hanging from a wall. I have so many cards and postcards that it seemed like something that would work well for me.

I soon had the genius idea of using some of the vintage postcard printables from Fuzzimo that I recently featured, they are after all really lovely postcards and they make great display pieces. I decided to customise them with my favourite quotes and some vintage inspired imagery. Once chosen, I made the images transparent by changing the photo layer to the 'overlay' effect which gives more of a vintage printed look and I am so pleased with them.

Unfortunately, I can't share these with you because they aren't mine to give out but I do encourage you to go ahead and make your own to decorate your home with (but not to distribute of course). Get yourself the postcard templates from my earlier post and get to work to create some lovely, unique display pieces for your home.

I have hung the finished product from the fireplace in my room and they look so cute, the vintage look really compliments my room. Such a great result from such little effort!


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