Me and my garden

I have always dreamed of having a little cottage garden and last year I was lucky enough to find an apartment in London that came with a garden. Ever since then I have become somewhat of a garden nerd. My garden is by no means big, or special. It's one half of a garden, the other half is not looked after and there is no fence to split the two but I have done my very best to turn my half into some semblance of cottage garden...it's a continual work in progress but I am a bit of a proud garden momma so I thought I would share some snaps!

This is my flower bed full of cottage garden plants. I have let them grow tall and crazy
for a hectic, messy, effortless look. It takes more work than it seems!

I'm a big fan of the cluttered pot areas in gardens. I love my seating area.

I'm hoping to have a good crop of Lavender this year so I can give
bunches of it to everyone.

I love roses.

No garden is complete without food for the birds.

And that's it. My beloved garden full of colours and scents. I'd love to hear about your own cottage gardens so why don't you tell me all about them?


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