The Festive Home

Ahhh Christmas. Is there any other month more wonderful than December?..every day takes you closer to the best days of the year and while we wait we get to decorate our homes and enjoy the festive sights and smells.

I truly love this time of year.

My house is looking suitably festive, I trust yours is too by now. This year I am particularly happy with my festive home.

I have contrasting tastes when it comes to Christmas decor. I love a rustic, country Christmas style decor with natural garlands, greenery and scandi style red and white combinations. But I also adore a faded, frosty look that screams vintage oppulance. The two don't exactly mix so this year I have tried to keep them seperate and only mixed where I feel it looks right...mostly on the tree. I think I've managed to get it right for once...

The living room is rustic, with berry and ivy garlands on the mantle piece, candles and frosted twigs in a vase.

The tree is an ecclectic mix of scandi patterns, reds and whites as well as pinks, ivories and florals (of course).

The hallway is full of frosty white, ivories and golds. Lots of faded glitter, lace and vintage gold ornaments and some frosted pinecones to keep the rustic theme going.

My bedroom continues the theme with whites, creams and fairy lights. 

And when all is decorated, I love to sit back and enjoy the sights by evening candle light..

And those glorious Christmas smells..cinamon, cloves, clemantines..

There definitely is no better time of year.

Happy decorating and thank you for reading.


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  1. Oh wow, your place is looking gorgeous, I love it. Very festive indeed :) x x x x

    1. Thank you Gem. Merry Christmas you my lovely.


  2. Wonderful photos Lexie ....and ohhhh it all looks so magical....like yourself Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
    Have a great Christmas Lexie and wishing a very happy New Year

    Amanda xx

    1. A very merry Christmas to you Amanda!

      x x x


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