Sweet Charity

Hello pretties.

I hope I find you well this December eve. November has been madness for me..from beginning to end. I have spent all of two full days at home this month and spent the rest of the time either working, at weddings, working, visiting people and more working. Phew. I need some quiet weekends to get my self ready for Christmas.

One thing I also spent my November doing was raising money for charity (no, not by growing a moustache). At work I have been taking part in a project called Micro Tyco where as a team you are given £1 to turn into a profit for charity. Well, me and my team had no end of fun coming up with innovative ways to make money and I won't bore you with the details. Except for this..

We decided to make some Christmas decorations to sell and I had such fun making them I had to share. To make these baubles I used:

10 polystyrene balls
Bauble hooks
Fabric scraps cut into small pieces
Tissue cut into pieces
Sheet music
Ribbon for hanging
Glitter varnish spray to seal and add sparkle

Simply cover sections of the bauble in glue and layer with a fabric or other material of your choice.

It's fun but quite fiddly. I got covered in glue, covered in glitter varnish and frustrated but for a minimal amount of effort the results were quite something. What do you think?

I set them up in their own display box in the hopes that people at work would buy them..

And here they are all set up at work ready for some customers. Have you ever tried making Christmas baubles? 

Besides raising money for charity I have had plenty of  other things to smile about this month. 

~1. Quality time with my niece ~ 2. Silly faces ~ 3. I went home to Wales
and met my mum's new dog ~ 4. I went to a wedding ~ 5. I enjoyed a welsh frosty morning~
6. I hung my decorations and I couldn't be happier.

With love,


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  1. I hope your baubles were all snapped up super quickly and are now enjoying lovely homes :-) They look great, really impressed with how they turned out!

    Jem xXx

    P.S There is a little giveaway on my blog you may like to enter


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