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Hello bank holiday-ers!

Are you having a splendid Jubilee weekend? I have done nothing remotely patriotic, nothing involving street parties or union jacks..I have been out and about with lovely friends instead..bargain hunting, wondering around pretty towns and a little bit of crafting too..

This weekend, my bestie and I headed to Buckinghamshire to stay with bestie's parents. We had tickets to see Derren Brown in a nearby theatre for Saturday evening so they had kindly offered to put us up and feed us!

So, on Saturday, when there was a hint of sunshine..we all headed out for a lovely pub lunch in the countryside. One of my most favourite things to do..

After a delicious lunch we headed to the little town of Great Missendon to wonder around the lovely lovely shops and visit the Roald Dahl museum, which was great fun! I found a few treasures in some independent shops, that I couldn't leave behind! And then it was on to the Antiques Centre at Wendover. It's located in an old post office so its all rickety, with quirky little rooms around hidden corners and up crooked stairs, each one filled with antiques. Heaven. I was very lucky to find a set of two embroidered vintage linens for a tiny tiny price. I plan to make pillow cases out of them.

On our return to London yesterday, I was very happy to find that there was an issue of Mollie Makes waiting for me. I signed up for a subscription back in April as a treat and finally got my first issue! This also meant that my subscription gift had come through as well! (which to be honest, was my main reason for subscribing). My free gift was a fabric, ribbon and button pack. It was a lovely lovely gift, but the best part was the wooden spool that came with it...love it!

Pastel spoons picked up in Great Missendon. Love the colours. 

Embroidered linens from Wendover Antiques.

Wooden spool and ribbon from my Mollie Makes
subscription gift.

 I have also found the time to tidy up my garden a teeny bit and had my first pick of fresh flowers. My sweetpeas turned out to be a lovely lilac colour and for the first time in three years, my climbing rose is making an effort. For the last few years it has been focusing on climbing rather than flowering, this year it is covered in flowers and still climbing. I was very happy to finally bring some of the lovely pastel roses indoors.

And that is the story of my weekend so far. Well, I have missed out the part where I am covered in paint and glue but the story of my bank holiday project will follow very shortly!



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  1. I'm intrigued to hear more about your bank holiday project :-)

    I've never yet made it to Great Missenden but I'd really love to visit the Roald Dahl museum!

    Jem xXx

    1. Ooo it's a lovely little town and the museum was great! Especially if you have kiddies you could borrow and take there...

      Lexie x

  2. Lovely post Lexie, love your little spoons and linens. I subscribe to mollie makes too, such a fab magazine! How was Derren Brown? Must be great live!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thanks Victoria :)

      Derren Brown was amazing live, I highly recommend that you see him if you get the chance!

      x x x

  3. Oh-- it sounds like such a fun holiday! Those little pastel spoons are so cute. I really love the photography in this post, especially the picture of the spool of ribbon, such nice depth of field!

    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥


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