A bank holiday Ta-Dah

So on to part 2 of my busy bank holiday weekend.

How could I let a bank holiday pass by without doing some sort of DIY project!

I was given a nest of tables by my dear old dad a few weeks ago. They were so not me! But I knew I could do something wonderful with them so I agreed to take them and give them a home. Truthfully, I desperately needed some side tables so I was quite happy to make this set of three work for me.

When it came to deciding what to do with the tables, well I didn't even look! I had already decided to find a way of covering the dreary tile tops and just happened to read a blog post at CherryHeart where she posted about some tables she had made over with oil cloth! Well there was my answer! And not only that, but during my trip back to Cheltenham two weeks later my friend L showed me a table that she had also made over with oil cloth using some 'no more nails' adhesive. It was all coming together.

I chose some beautiful oil cloth that would match both the cream paint I would be using and the reds in my lounge and today I got on with it.

Earlier today they looked a little like this..horribly brown and severely lacking in character...

And these were my supplies: Annie Sloan Cream paint, 'No more nails' adhesive and some good quality oil cloth. I went for a taupe colour with pink roses.

I covered the tops first by blotching the adhesive all over and then pressing the table onto the oil cloth. I then glued the edges down. Once the oil cloth was on I then painted the tables. It was all very very messy and I started to run out of patience after the first table!

Nevertheless, I am very happy with the finished products..

Do you like? I certainly do!!

Until next time lovely readers, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

With love,



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  1. That is such pretty oilcloth Lexie! Well done, you've done a fab job!
    Victoria xx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a transformation! They look so pretty now! And that oilcloth is beauuuutiful.

    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  3. What a transformation, I love your idea of using oilcloth! They look so much better now, very pretty!
    Magie x


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