At the bottom of the garden..

Afternoon ladies.

I'm sure you are all too busy laying like vegetables and soaking up the sun to be reading blog posts but never the less, I had to stop by.

I popped into my garden this morning to eat my breakfast and I was greeted by a few new faces. Faces that were not there yesterday when I was busy trimming and tidying my quickly overgrowing flower beds. So I  ran for my camera and took a few snaps..

My lovely coral coloured 'Just Joey' tea rose has sprung its first flower. It certainly was not there yesterday. This rose smells divine. It's a David Austin rose and smells like no other flower I have smelt before.

My special zombie sweetpea also changed from its bud like state to a more floral affair..I call it my zombie sweetpea because it literally came back from the dead. I pulled up all my sweetpeas last year after they finished flowering and turned a bit crispy and yellow...this little thing sprung up in the middle of the above rose bush and has become a beast of a plant...I am looking forward to cutting these sweetpeas and having them and their lovely smell in my home.

Then, while I was waiting patiently for some honey bees to make an appearance on my butterfly lavender..this little chappy landed right in front of me and stayed a little while so I could get snap happy.

My petunias have also finally made an appearance and a few of my perennials are reawakening and bringing some lovely summer colour. It's such an exciting time. Now if the weather could just settle down a bit and stop being so extreme then perhaps I would be able to keep up with my gardens rapid growth..seriously, it's out of control this year!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. I have been doing more holiday clothes shopping and I spent some time customising my new summer hat. I finally found one to fit my head!

So tell me, how are your gardens looking? And what are your favourite summer blooms?

Tomorrow is giveaway winner day so I will see you all then to pick one lucky name.

Lots of love,


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  1. Your flowers are looking gorgeous! Especially that tea rose, I've never seen one like it.

    xo Julie

    1. Aww thanks Julie :)..It's still only half open, it should spread open a bit more to look a bit more like a rose. It's a beautiful flower though and it smells like citrus :)

      Lexie x

      P.S Congratulations on your graduation!!

  2. What a beautiful colour rose! Ooh and I do love sweetpeas too :)
    Victoria xx

  3. The tea rose and the sweet pea look so beautiful Lexie, theres something so lovely about sweet peas isn't there!?

    Jem xXx

  4. Hi Lexie, thank you for following my blog ... That tea rose is magnificent! Have a lovely Sunday, Claire xxx

  5. What beautiful flowers Lexie and I just love the bright colours. I've just blogged about my garden, mean jungle xx

  6. The gardening has kept me busy as well over the weekend..unfortunately the weeds grow just as well as the plants do, so there was a lot of work to do (and a lot of planting as well).
    What a pretty rose colour. I do love David Austen Roses, some of them have such a lovely scent to them.
    Do share a photo of your summer hat, I would love to see it.
    Have a lovely day today..
    Magie x


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